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Planet Protector Challenge

How does the challenge work?

There are 8 Planet Protector Missions that help schools reduce waste and recycle more to raise and save money and earn rewards, through a set of engaging and empowering whole school activities. By taking part, your school will be promoting care for the environment and contributing to the positive collective impact of all schools in West Sussex.



Download the pack and read the Teacher’s Guide, to find out about the Missions.



Choose and carry out your Missions. Use the Mission Guides to help your school make the most savings, raise the most money and earn the most rewards.




Claim Mission Badges by filling out the report form to earn Planet Protector Awards and Rewards and increase your school’s ranking on the Leaderboard.

Planet Protector Challenge


For every Award you earn, you’ll receive a Planet Protector School Award
Certificate and Digital Logo to use in your school communications.


For completing 2 missions

For completing 4 missions

For completing 6 missions

For completing 8 missions



Earn Wastebuster Recycling Rewards by taking part in the Textile or Battery Missions!

Ambassador Schools double your money!

The first 3 schools that earn the prestigious Planet Protector School Ambassador Award will double their Wastebuster Recycling Rewards earned in the academic year 2023-24.

The Planet Protector Challenge runs until the end of the academic year 2024, see how many Missions your school has completed in the Leaderboard.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Planet Protector Challenge


Recycle Right Badge
Pupils taking part

Only 44.4% of the waste we throw out, gets recycled in the UK. Hold our assembly to teach everybody how to recycle right and play our fun West Sussex Recycling Quiz.

Food Wastebusters Badge
KG food saved

Schools waste about 50% of their food. Do a Lunchtime Crunch Time food waste audit to reduce food waste or run a bake-off competition to encourage families to use up their leftovers.

Textile Recycling Badge
KG Textiles Recycled

An estimated £140 million worth of clothing suitable for reuse or recycling is landfilled or incinerated in the UK each year! Take part in Recycle to Read to collect textiles for reuse and recycling and earn book rewards for your school.

Battery Recycling Badge
KG of batteries recycled

Only 44-45% of batteries are currently recycled in the UK! Take part in Recycle to Read to collect batteries for recycling and earn book rewards for your school!

Toy Swap Badge
Toys shared

Over 318 million toys are sold in the UK every year and there are limited ways to recycle them. Take part in Waste Week and hold a toy swap/ sale event to promote reuse and raise money for your school.

Water Wastebusters Badge
Litres of water saved

The average person wastes up to 30 gallons of water every day! Run a Water Wastebusting Week to save water and money.

Energy Wastebusters Badge
KHW of energy saved
kgCO2eq (Carbon saved)

Burning fossil fuels for energy produces billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. Hold your own Switch Off Fortnight and use the Energy Saving Dashboard to measure your energy, carbon and financial savings.

Litterbusters Badge
Items of litter of collected

More than 2 million items of litter are dropped in UK every day! Make a plan to run a litter campaign in your school to protect wildlife and count the items you collect.

Planet Protector Challenge

Your savings

Planet Protector Challenge

School Leaderboard

School Name
Local Authority
Missions Completed
PO19 8BN
Recycle Right Badge Textile Recycling Badge Battery Recycling Badge Toy Swap Badge Energy Wastebusters Badge Litter Wastebusters Badge
PO20 1NP
Textile Recycling Badge Battery Recycling Badge Litter Wastebusters Badge
RH19 3QW
Mid Sussex
Battery Recycling Badge Toy Swap Badge Litter Wastebusters Badge
RH17 6HB
Mid Sussex
Battery Recycling Badge Litter Wastebusters Badge
PO21 5EZ
Toy Swap Badge Litter Wastebusters Badge
RH12 4ET
Textile Recycling Badge Battery Recycling Badge
PO19 3QS
Recycle Right Badge Litter Wastebusters Badge
PO19 7HA
Litter Wastebusters Badge
RH12 5PP
Toy Swap Badge
RH10 4XA
Mid Sussex
Recycle Right Badge
PO22 8ER
Toy Swap Badge
Planet Protector Challenge

Mission Report Form

Mission Report Form

Families can head to the West Sussex Wastebusters Club for recycling tools, crafts, videos and games.

West Sussex Wastebusters Club

Planet Protector Challenge – Terms and Conditions 

The Planet Protector Challenge is a competition for state funded West Sussex schools, inviting the schools to undertake up to eight missions that can be used as a whole school engagement activity, a year group or class challenge.


The Planet Protector Challenge 

Planet Protector Challenge Award criteria

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